Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Journal on Traveling

DAY 1:

My trip started off at 6am as Pat, Ashley, and I packed up for a little road trip to NYC. Listening to some audio books and a few snacks the trip went pretty well; we stopped a few times for gas and food. I couldn’t sleep the night before because of many obvious reasons (leaving home and friends, traveling, flying around the world, etc…), so I was hoping to do so on the car ride, but that lasted for all of 15 minutes. Otherwise, we missed a few turns here and there once we got into the city, but the other 95% of traveling here went swimmingly. It was about 1:30pm when we got onto Manhattan. After parking, we spent about an hr or so walking around as my interview at the Korean Embassy was not until 3pm. The city is, of course, pretty to look at; all the tall building and famous scenery were pretty awesome for this NYC first timer (I only flew over it or drove around it on the Highway in the past). My interview went well; it would take a day to get my visa fully processed. After that we took the subway to Time Sq., saw all the famous things there and had dinner at the Hard Rock CafĂ©. Some time later, I got to my hotel and did all that jazz. I said good-bye to Pat, and then Ashley. (Saying goodbye to her for a year was one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life, but luckily we serve an awesome God, who knows how to dispense the right amount of Grace and Peace to his Childern). After that I was exhausted, since apparently not sleeping for 36 hrs does have adverse side effects, so I went to bed at like 9pm. LOL!

Day 2:

After a good nights rests, about 11am, I got up and decided I wanted to see the city before I left, so getting my umbrella, camera, and map I started off. I had no particular place to go or see, until 3pm to pick up my visa. So I went to Central Park, Downtown, Trump Tower, the CNN HQ in NY, and a bunch of other little places like that. I rode the subway around for a while with no particular destination, I just enjoyed watching ppl got about their lives, many ppl seem to be in a hurry, but I was surprised by the fact that number of folks I saw were fairly laid back, which I think is good trait to have in this city. I talked to Ashley a lot throughout the day, apparently she and Pat, got a little lost after missing their turn and didn’t get home until like 2am. But they made it and they had the Marley and Me audio book to keep them company on the ride home. After getting my visa, seeing a few more sights I came back to the hotel, but not before getting a very yummy lamb gyro. I made a few more calls to family, bank, and etc…for the big trip tomorrow, and now I plan to pack a little bit better and play some videogames, and hopefully get some sleep since my ride will be picking me up for the airport at 5am…

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Sky Yaple said...

i'm glad everything went well! I hope your flight is an easy one :-) keep us updated on your year abroad!