Monday, August 3, 2009

Air China: Ten Things I Hate About You

Air China
Ten Things I Hate About You

For those who read my last post notice how much I tore into Air China, well you might be thinking maybe he a bad experience or it was just one of those flights. If that’s what you think then you’re I am sorry to say: wrong. Brad, aren’t you being a little bias? Yes, Yes I am, and justifiable so. Just as the Founding Fathers gave a list of grievances against their enemies explaining and defending their actions. So, I have created a list of reasons why I will never fly Air China again, and I encourage you not to ever fly with either If can avoid it.

10. My first flight though only 1.5 hrs was a hot box, no person should be sweating to death when there is a few inches of plastic windows between you and a -40 C atmosphere.

9. My Connecting flight was complete Icebox, this plane had no dial control or vent to adjust speed or flow, so everyone froze for 6 hrs, which is still better than hot, but still…

8. While in Seoul, our flight to Beijing was delayed a few hrs which was fine we had lots of time to spare. While roaming our part of the terminal we heard the PA announce many other flights that were boarding, however, they never announced our flight. When we got back to our gate at the time stated they were already doing the final boarding, and they never called it. Almost missed the flight.

7. On the way back our flight was delayed for 3hrs so 3am instead of 12am and they didn’t have it posted online, so I arrived at 9pm that evening and was like crap I am bored.

6. Air China, had no employees working their stations to check bags and luggage, so a huge line of 300ppl started to form around the airport much to everyone dismay and trouble.

5. Once employees showed up and another 1hr of waiting for my turn in line, they told Daniel and I that there was nothing they could do for us until 11pm (its was now 10:30 and we had previously waited in the stupid for 1.5hrs seeming for nothing at this point). Reason for this Fail move I still do know…

4. At 11pm, an Air China employee pulled us aside and told us we’d have to get a new flight and that once we got to Beijing everything would be taken care, When we got to Beijing, our names weren’t even on the list of people needing changes to their flight they had sent over

3. We waited at this service desk for 1.5hrs after arriving for them to figure out why weren’t on the list, confirm passport crap, find another flight…you’d think they had never had to rebook a person on another flight due to delays and bad weather. Running around like headless chickens.

2. When I got off the plane and arrived in the air china terminal I really had to go bathroom, and every airport I have every been through has bathrooms right there when you get off the plane for obvious reasons. But not air china, this one, the airport designers share blame as well, but by this point, its air china’s fault.

1. This Communist ran airline is as efficient as everything else communist and gov’t ran. This traveling should have only taken me 9-10hrs at most…I traveled 18-20 each way because of their incompetence. My 1st and last time Air China. NEVER AGAIN!!