Tuesday, May 19, 2009

day 4

DAY 4:
Travel day aka judgment day…Have I mentioned how much I hate heights.. I have flown on 12 planes in the last 5 yrs…I still don’t like them…Take offs and landings are like….lots of praying for me….flying is okay…it the looming dread of crashing into a mt or a terrorist that I don’t like. Needless to say I didn’t sleep much. Like an 1 hr. My ride to airport came at 5am. I got checked into JFK and made it through security pretty easy..just the normal stuff..no special treatment for me..YAY! I love being normal! Anyhow, on the van ride to JFK, I met a few interesting people. One was a girl from Denmark, who apparently was backpacking through South and North America, and was now on her way home. How cool I though, we go to Europe to backpack, they come to the Americas. The other person I met was a girl who was a Canadian that was at some conference at the UN and was now going home; apparently she also plays the Celtic Harp. Go figure. Next, was the flight from JFK to Detroit only a few hours, which was the shortest of all my flights. It was good warm up to the 13 hr flight that awaits me. I made it to Tokyo the 12 hr plane ride, plus 45 min quarantine by the Japan govt to make sure no one has swine flu i guess. I dont have much time left, but i want to tell you i am safe and love you very much. i hope grad was fun for you all. I'll email when i get to Korea

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