Sunday, December 21, 2008

Post Grad Thoughts

I am drowning in a sea of my own thoughts right now. Thoughts of friends, places, and even smells of campus are still a foot in my mind. Most have only 4 yrs and go home during winter and summer breaks to help to break the attachments. I didn't have those...i was there 5 yrs and seldomly leaving campus for only a week or so. i feel like a very important piece of my life has been ripped from me and i feel bit empty inside right now.

The prospect of an unknown future is also a bit unsettling to me right now, as well as not being able to see Ashley everyday...these are things that not the easiest to cover come right now. All i have are my prayers and my Jesus for now...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra and Trans Siberian Driving

Well I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra last night in Buffalo with Ashley, Aaron, Toaster, Mike, Pat, Kyle, and Andrew. The Lights and sounds were truly a buffet for the senses; easily the finest concert I have ever seen. My favorite of the performers was Alison Zlotow, a wicked violinist. She played so fast and broke so many bow strings it was great; a gifted musician indeed. After stopping a local pub for dinner afterward, we set out for home about 12:30am. For the next 2-3 hours the weather was awful. A complete whiteout. We were the only ones on 190 and 90 at all, going no more than 20 mph and not being able to see beyond the end of the hood it was really scary. At 1 point we were ready to stop for the night at a hotel, we would have if our prayers had not been anwsered the snow stop in the last leg of the trip. We were completely safe by the grace of God. This Trans "Sibera" snow storm is one i'll not forget soon....