Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 1st Korean Haircut

So on Thursday morning I started my day off “normal,” I talk with Ashley on skype for an hour or so. With my hair curling on the side I knew it was time for a cut. So I got some pictures of the kind of cut I wanted, and have had in the past. Since there was no way I knew how to tell the barber in Korean I want a number 3 fade, sideburns, bangs, round in…blah blah, so the pictures were a great a idea, Thank you Google for your suggestion. LOL! Anyhow, I should the lady my pictures of what I wanted and she having a good eye and hands, I got my hair cut. It was pretty sweet afterward another woman washed my hair in there sink, that was 1st time I ever had done to my hair before. So all that cutting and washing was so cheap like ~6 dollars American (or 8000 Won). After that I gave my two haircut ladies each 5000 Won of like 3 or 4 dollar tip, which other than it being a very big tip; Koreans do not even a tipping system. So, they suddenly loved me whole bunch, so now that I have made a good relationship with so the next time go back there I’ll get the good treatment. Yay! Also, seeing as how I normally spent 12-15 bucks on a cut plus tip is like 15 or 18..i think I made out just as well as they did as far I am concern. After that I got ready for my classes. They went so much better today, I was way less nervous that yesterday, and with 6 new sets of kids it felt like a fresh start. ( I teach 6 sets of 50 min classes m-w-f and another tues and thurs…roughly speaking…it was long, but a good day..Now I am sleepy!

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