Friday, April 3, 2009

New Direction .....Korea!?

Dear Friends,

So God has been doing some things interesting things in my life the last few months, in that I was offered a job to teach English in South Korea for 12 months. This has not been easy choice for to make, but it is also an opportunity I can’t just ignore. Right now it seems highly likely that I will be going there in about a month or so. This again has been a hard choice to make of course being gone from Ashley for year being the key thing here. However, it is where I feel God leading right now, and until I hear otherwise I shall continue the course. I have given all my paperwork; it’s now up to the State Dept and Korean Gov’t for my Visa.

I would truly appreciate your continuous prayers over the course of this month and the next year if this is truly where God is calling me to be, and that I would be instrument wherever he sends me. Please pray that I can get all my other personal affairs in order before I go as well. Also, please be praying for Ash as well, because this will not be any bit easier for her or me, even while she finishes up Behrend and starts up LECOM in the fall, there are just some many changes occurring right it can all be overwhelming at times, but luckily we serve an Awesome God that Never Changes. Thank you all so much in advance. Blessings!!

In Christ,


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