Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving On

I walked up to my supervisor and told her i could not do my job anymore. Telemarketing has left me feeling dirty enough, but we started a new program yesterday with Bank of America, we were no longer calling people with good credit and pre-approving them for credit cards (mind you most of these people were old and retired), which is unsettling enough. But, now with this new campaign we're not just targeting that audience, but now we are going after just about anyone with a fair or decent credit rating, mostly young people or new citizens, who can barely speak English, and prob dont fully understand what they're doing or getting themselves into. I just couldn't do it anymore..i'd rather be unemployed then uneasy in my soul. Anyhow, I have quit my job and now am looking for a new one once again. However, it is good i think to turn the page on this chapter and start anew in my life. Please be praying for me. Thank You!


Stephanie said...

while it is unfortunate for you to not have a job because of it -- good for you for standing up for God's principles!!! it worked out VERY well for Daniel and company. :D i'll keep praying. keep on keepin' on Brad!

Deg said...

Sounds like a good decision!

Moll moll said...

Good luck on the job search! I'll be praying for you! :-)