Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Testimony of Jesus Christ

With October around the corner, I realized it’s been nearly seven years since the Lord called me His own. I wasn’t looking for him, but he found me anyways. As I reflect on the radical changes that have come about in my life since that faithful decision, I mirth at all the ways He has used one as unusual as I. He saved me once, he saves me still…

My Testimony (abridged version)

On Thursday, October 16, 2003, my eternal destiny and earthly purpose would change this night after a class with only one sincere question and one simple prayer in ways I am only now beginning to understand. When at 9:25pm that evening, I was standing at the bottom steps of the Student Union building of my University with two seemingly mundane choices before me. The first was to go outside to my car, drive 5 minute to my apartment, and sleep. The second was to walk up those set of stairs as I had done a few times before to an Intervarsity Christian Fellowship function, which had already ended but people still love to hang around and talk afterward.

Like a fool arguing aloud with myself about what I should do, go home or visit; a little voice inside me said “just go up what do you have to lose”. So I did. Once there I started talking with a really good friend named Tim, who asked me in the sincerest tone I have heard in my life, “Brad, what is keeping you from having a personal relationship with Christ?” Dumbstruck by this sincerity in voice, and not wanting to give a cheap answer, I thought about it silently to myself for many moments and then quietly replied more so to answer myself, then Tim, I said …”nothing”. So I went into another room and with Tim’s help, I prayed and accepted Christ.

Later, I got home at 11pm-ish, after having spent a few hours more talking with Tim, as I settled in for the night, I turned on the news to hear about a report of a car accident right beside my apartment, in fact the very intersection I just drove through moments before, one which had no debris or road flares or anything to suggest that an accident had happened recently. The next morning as I read the paper looking for more info about this wreck, I found an article that said the time of the accident was 9:30pm. As I stated before, it takes me 5 minutes to drive home and at 9:25 I looked at my watch deciding to go up those stairs and have life and soul forever changed, as my jaw dropped in disbelief, that same small voice I heard before, spoke to me again saying “I saved you twice last night, once from the accident as well as eternally. Brad, I am real, and I love you”.

Jesus is real and he does love you, so much that he died to save you, even when you weren't looking or asking to be saved. So, I ask you just as sincerely as it was asked of me, What is keeping YOU from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ today?

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