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Writings from the Bible of Harold Eugene Fitch (aka Gene or Grandpa)

Writings of Harold Eugene Fitch (aka Gene or Grandpa)

After he died, June 2003, many of his personal items were handled out to the family. Among them was his Bible, which was given to my dad, and he then in turn passed on to me, after I asked him for it about 3 or 4 years ago. At the time, I looked through it and saw his writing and notes, but didn’t think much of them, I just wanted something personal to remember him by. However, the other night about 2am, I was started thinking about him and the Bible, and pulled it out of the wrapping I keep it in, since it’s so fragile. Some of it is illegible do to wear and tear or moisture, or are just incomplete thoughts he had written, I think as reminders. Nonetheless, many of his words in the Bible are notes from sermons, small prayers, personal thoughts, and other misc writings. So, I thought it be best to get as many of them written down digitally for a record of posterity as well as to give folks insight into the heart of my grandfather and his faith in Jesus Christ.

(As near as I’ve been able to piece together, most of these writings and thoughts were jotted down in the 70s and early 80s. In addition, I’ve tried to quote his words verbatim mistakes, cross outs, rewrites, and all.)

-My Will: God, I have nothing of importance to leave my family except this thy Holy Word.God grant that whoever would look after our children please let them tell them of thee(the Author of this book).

-Thy will be done-not mine!

-Dear Lord, Help me be desperate for lost souls! Thy will be done. Help me be faithful.

-Don’t be offended for God is right on schedule

Quotes Matt 7:1: “Judge not that ye be not judged”

Christmas 1978, no tree-(except the cross Gene made)~ I think grandma wrote this one

-God chasten me.

-Praise him name!

-God allows things to happen.

-Are you preparing for the first Christmas when Christ was born, or are you preparing for Christ’s return to take us to dwell with Him.

-Faith is our power

-Oh, please Lord forgive me of my complaining

-One should be grounded in the Word of God

-Pray for protection of the Holy Spirit

-References 1 Cor 13:13: Charity = Love

-Quotes John 17:9: [Jesus speaking] “I pray for them”

-Assurance brings Endurance

-God, has a reason for everything he does. He gets us ready for other things. (Even saving six lives in a car on the ice).

-He always faces us in the right direction.

-He takes care of his own.

-Thank you God for you Grace

-The 1st impression is of God, the 2nd is reasoning


-You may not have a home tomorrow. It may burn down.

-Oh Jesus, let me be better like the finished product.

-Have your day at Calvary. God will have his way with you.

References Exodus 14:14: “the Lord shall fight for you” and you shall have your peace

-We ask to be like Jesus Christ. He suffered for us! If we do not suffer for others,
we cannot be like Him.

-Please save the souls of my 5 brothers and 4 sisters. Thank you Lord for the work.

-Lord, please put your hand upon my quick temper.

-Anything of any good that is in me, is not of me, but God living in me.

-You cannot out do God in his will.

-Oh Jesus, let me be willing to pay whatever price is cost to follow you.

-Desperation brings out what you really are.

-Are we ready, are we expecting to go?

- Quotes 1 Peter 1:25 on the last page Revelation: “But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.”

-Faith is Love’s incentive!

-The reason we don’t have desperation for souls is a lack of love (the love of God working in us)

-Love covers a multitude of sins and Love defeats the Devil!

-If we trust God is will make us grow ~June 27, 1981

-Three voices speak to us through our minds: Man, the devil, and God

-A saved husband will see his wife through

-As long as you are going side-by-side with Satan, You’ll never meet him face-to-face.

-If we trust in God he will solve all our problems

-If we trust him he will make us grow. Only trust him only trust him only trust him NOW.

-He will show you his plan for your life.

-God wants me to wait upon him it helps us develop obedience.

-We need to be inspired of God and trust in Him. If we are not tried we won’t react.

-Don’t wish loves ones back, but pray to be with them in Glory sooner

-J.O.Y. J=Jesus, O=Others, Y= Yourself

-Sincerity is not enough. We must put God above all else.

-Lord, help me be an eagle to be able to stand the pressure.

-Christ wasn’t born on 12/25 in snow, but in the springtime when all lambs are born.

-Virtues are sealed in us

-Life is in the Blood.

-God Live through me! God Love through me!

-No man can come unless God draws him, Oh God, draw and use me.

-What well do you draw your strength from?

-Oh God, please let your fruit show through me.

-The heaviest load you can carry is a grudge

-I reflect on the surroundings around me, Did you ever wonder why I might be sad or

-If Satan can make us disbelieve God’s word, then we are defeated.

-Easter Sunday, April 15, 1979: Some are afraid of the Holy Ghost. They are afraid to cry, afraid to die and wonder why.

-Take no thought for tomorrow.

-God is good, God be praised!

-Faith is a revelation

-Thanks be unto God!

- A sermon message summary, Gene gave himself June 8, 1979: Jesus found his way to the cross for us. Can we find our way to an alter for Him (and Salvation). What have you found? A life completely in Jesus?

-My weak spot: fasting, giving into the children. God Help me be what you want me to be father.

-Were not independent, but dependent. Yes, Dependent upon the Holy Ghost.

- If you quiet –you only seal your destiny in doom. God will have a people to do his will.

-I am not what I should be. I am not what I want to be. But praise God I am not what I used to be!

-Oh Jesus, many others not see the selfish, ugly, person I be, but the Christ that lives in me.

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