Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Life after South Korea

My Life after South Korea

Well, it’s been over a month a now since I’ve been home from Korea and re-adjusting to American life has been easy and challenging in various ways. It’s never easy to leave your life for year and then try to pick it up again in the same manner as before. Because I am glad to say I am not the same as before. I’ve grown, changed, and developed deeper outlook on things since my travels around Asia these past 52 weeks, which is normal with global travel I’d say.

Moving on to other topics, I’ve got my apt here on State Street in Erie as well as my 2000 Toyota Corolla. I started working on my Masters in Education from Liberty University Online while in Korea. Since back, there were a few classes I could not do online and got to go Lynchburg, Virginia to take them. While there, I had a chance to go visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and Patrick Henry’s Estate, which is pretty cool.

I have my Praxis tests for teaching at the end of July, and if all goes well I hope to start student teaching in the Spring in graduate by like May, which would be nice since Ash and I are getting married that following August. Speaking of which, that is our next big task this summer starting the wedding plans. yay! :-/ (So much work for one day; shame most people don’t put half the time and effort into their marriage that they put into wedding day.)

That’s pretty much my life in a nutshell right now: learning, teaching, wedding planning, and ash… “ashing”

(PS I miss you all my Korean and other Foreign Friends!)

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Casey said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy. I'm waiting to hear back from Texas A&M about their online MS in Statistics. Hopefully that will help with my job hunt.

Good luck with the wedding planning!