Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Nostalgia

The Leaves are changing colors, the air is cool and crisp, but fairly warm, and the daylight is growing shorter. An otherwise normal early September in Erie, PA; so what is so strange? Well for one it’s now November and this is Geochang, not Erie. Am I complaining about 65-75 degree temps in the day and 50s at night, by no means. Yet, as I was riding my bike to a party tonight the crisp feeling of the air against my skin, the smell of the leaves, It left me with a feeling nostalgia I would have felt about 2 months ago, if I were in Erie right now. So really I am neither gloating nor complaining about my situation. I merely am commenting on the reality of my nostalgia.
Many of the Korean adults could care less about Halloween; it is a not national holiday here. The kids like it, they don’t understand the costumes or “trick or treat” all they know or care about is that people give them candy for free. Not that American kids are really any different. However, this Halloween has been different for me, not because of candy, costumes, or pumpkins or stuff like that, but because i think being gone for so long i miss the most subtle things of nature..i really don't know its nearly 3am, so i am probably ranting a bit. Simply put, i think i am missing home and can't wait till December.


Sky said...

we miss you here too, Brad!

although i for one wish i was somewhere with warmer temperatures :-P

i hope you have a wonderful November!

Brad said...

Thanks Sky I miss all of you too! I'll be home for Christmas break, I'll make it a point to visit you and your husband if your free!! hehe!

Jarryn said...

Ooh, I'll be in Erie for Christmas break too. You should come visit me. ;D