Friday, June 24, 2016

Jesus Christ is our BEST and ONLY weapon in the fight that is coming. (A dream I had on Sept 5th, 2015)

I had a very strange dream on Sept 5, 2015. I've hesitated for a while to share it, but now I felt compelled to share it. After I woke from the dream, I wrote it down shortly after as I' normally don't have such intense dreams and I thought it might be from the LORD. 

In my dream: I am in bed sleeping when I awaken to see a cop out my window gathering up empty 22 cases. Dozens and dozens of them. The cop comes to my door and asks me if I own a 22 gun. I say no just a 38. He’s perplex that something strange has happened here, but can’t figure out what. Then, the scene fades.

Next, I am in some kind of police station. Things are very crowded and busy. Several cops are running around frantic and overwhelmed. The police chief comes and asks the same cop that had been at my door if he’s learned anything  new yet. He responds no. The chief gets very upset at the lack of results and even fires a random cop who he thinks isn’t working hard enough to solve this terrible crime. The scene fades.

Now I am in a police car with the same cop from before. I am in the passenger seat and he’s driving. We pull up to some kind of convenience store. We went inside to meet someone. A snitch or informant type guy. The cop shows him a picture of some kind, I never see the photo, just the back of it; it was like a Polaroid. The cop tells the informant were looking for this guy and the he has a 22. After pressuring him, the guy agrees to take us to a place to find him. The scene fades.

We are now in front of 2 buildings. These buildings are side-by-side. One in the front and the other behind it. We get out of the cop car. The snitch says they’re in the back behind the building we’re looking at. I go to the right with the snitch. The cop went left around the other side. When I got around to the building I was startled greatly.

There were children standing there. Maybe 40 or 50 or so. I was surprised to see so many, but I was relieved that we had found them. But then as I got a closer look, I instantly became full of dread. All these kids who looked to be between the ages of 8-12 years old looked evil. Their faces were sinister. They didn’t look like zombies or anything stupid like that, but they were pale looking. There was something about them that wasn’t normal. It’s hard to put into words other than to say it was demonic. You could feel the evil and wickedness coming off them. I was terrified. The snitch and I ran back to the police car.

The cop had seen them too. What the cop had done, I don’t know, but he arrived in the car a few seconds after we had. He had been delayed by something. I was in the passenger seat and the snitch was driving. The cop had dove into the back seat through the window into the car, that’s how scared we were.

The snitch started driving the car to get a way, but he couldn’t reach the gas pedal for whatever reason.  So using my hands I reached down to the push the accelerator and brakes as the snitched yelled which to push. The scene faded.

We drove for what felt like 5 minutes going very fast, cutting off cars, and driving through dangerous intersections without stopping so desperate were we to get away from those demonically controlled kids. We arrived back at the same convenience store. The three of us got out of the car to go back inside the store. When we saw a small group of the demonic children.

Someone yelled out that the large group of kids had broken up into smaller groups to go off in different directions to track us down. We ran for the car and got inside. But it was too late. The kids broke through the glass windows and started grabbing for us. One of them, a boy, grabbed my arm, he felt ice cold and you could see the evil in his eyes. I reached my hand out and grabbed his cold arm. I yelled; “in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you.”  

Suddenly, the boy froze and that dark demonic force left him. His countenance returned to a normal looking boy’s face. The informant started yelling Jesus’ name again and again after he saw what I had done. I started grabbing the arms of the other children attacking us and rebuked them all in the name of Jesus Christ. All of them from that small search group became normal looking kids again.

Then my alarm rang and I woke up.

 As I awoke from the dream I laid there in bed trying to process everything that had just occurred. I felt the LORD was impressing an interpretation to me. A war of darkness is coming, particularly for the children.

(My interpretation was that dozens of children had gone missing, mysteriously. Which is why the cops were freaking out. The demon possessed kids tried to attack a man, who fired his 22 gun at them to no avail. So, he ran away to the two buildings, and the kids followed him and killed him or something. Then we showed up after that event in the dream, even though i never saw it, that seemed to be the backstory.) 

I felt the 22 bullets were symbolic of man’s weapons and no matter how many we use, we can’t beat this evil force that is coming. Only when we call on the Name of Jesus can we beat it. That’s our most powerful weapon. At this point lying there in bed, all the verses of Eph. 6 (spiritual armor) came to my mind as well as the verses of Act 4:12 (no other name given) and Phil 2:10 (all knees shall bow at the name of Jesus).

I don’t know if this dream was directly from the LORD, but I believe he used it to remind me of this very important truth: The power of HIS name. The dream was not as clear, crisp, vivid and concentrated, as other dreams that I have had before that I know were from God. This felt like a “normal” one to me, albeit a very intense one. But as I said, I still believe Christ spoke a very clear word to me through it.